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JMK is proud to partner with First Word Ministries.  FWM is a 501 c(3) non-profit Bible teaching ministry organization that exists to offer deep Bible study and Biblical resources across the globe through online teachings, special events/camps, certification programs (i.e. Christian Apologetics and Biblical Languages), podcasts, and more.


JMK and First Word Ministries together have a martial arts, personal safety, and survival related ministry program that offers seminars and training camps for churches all across the globe.  Contact us if you're interested in learning more about this amazing ministry opportunity that involves training your congregation in self-defense, personal safety, and survival while equipping your church in Christian Apologetics (defending the Christian faith), and evangelistic outreach. 


JMK also teaches Biblical principles as a part of its regular martial arts program.


We are currently developing a curriculum that includes Biblical principles and life skills called "Righteous Warriors."  If you are interested in helping us fund this project, you may donate a tax-deductible donation to First Word Ministries here:  

Click Here to Donate to First Word Ministries



I'd like more information!

I'd like more information!

Thank you for your inquiry.  We will be in touch shortly.